Fall 2015 Grants

Boardmaker Symbol-Based Activities - Abby Dill - Lake Forest South Elementary - $399.00 
Boardmaker is popular among educators for creating activities for students with special needs.  With Boardmaker, educators can create and adapt symbol based printed activities that will work for all students. The program features more than 4,500 Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) for students on the Autism Spectrum.    The program will be used to create visual schedules and social skills stories and will reinforce educational, behavioral and functional living skills.  This project will serve the Kindergarten TAM classroom.    

Tablets for Kids - Sara Bushey - Lake Forest North Elementary - $499.16

Four tablets will be purchased for Ms. Bushey’s 3rd grade classroom to improve typing skills, conduct research, play educational games, practice reading and enhance technical skill development to meet the technological demand on in the classroom.   The tablets will provide opportunities for students to access Lexia and Accelerated Reader to practice reading and comprehension to prepare students for STAR reading test.    

Tablets for Kids - Cheryl Schlitt - Lake Forest North Elementary - $499.16  
Ms. Schlitt will receive four tablets for her 3rd grade classroom to assist in reading and math skill development.    Technology is a major factor in the classroom today and the tablets will assist in the development of computer skills and use appropriate software for teaching.   

Academic and Life Skills through Cooking - Michelle Kersey - Lake Forest High School - $500.00
This project provides a practical approach to teach life skills associated with dietary needs, including; grocery shopping, coupon clipping and redemption, interpreting recipe and preparing meals to students in the Academic and Life Skills classroom.  This hands-on approach with a practical application is an important factor in helping students retain the skills learned. This 5 month project is designed for certificate track student at the high school.    

Chromebooks & Accessories for Learning - Aisha K. Ferrell - DE Early Childhood Center - $500.00
This project will support the Preschool programs within the Delaware Early Childhood Center with the addition of Chromebooks in the classroom.  The “books” will enhance the overall classroom quality, increase further school success and foster the use of technology.   The money from the grant will purchase 2 Dell Chromebooks as well as Jumpstart, math kits, Leap Frog and Imagincard software. 

School Year 2018-2019 Grants

Infant Massage: Promoting Interaction & Attachment - Kristi Gamuciello Smith - DECC - $947.38
This unique program teaches parents the basics of infant massage.  Studies show infant massage helps soothe babies, reducing crying which can improve bonding and lower the number of child abuse cases. Parents will learn to read their child’s cues, help promote brain development through touch and build a secure attachment with their child by communicating through song and rhymes while massaging their child. This will build confidence in the parent’s ability to meet their child’s needs and an understanding of their child’s development.   The classes will be open to families in the District who are low income, teen parents, fathers, parents in treatment for substance use disorder, infants born with neonatal abstinence syndrome and special needs.

Young Men of Quality & Growing Great Girls - Nadine Henry & Margaret Pisano - Lake Forest High School - $800.00
The grant will expand on the success of  of  the “Young Men of Quality” program, funded by the foundation last year, with the incorporation of  a program for female students.  Both Young Men of Quality and Growing Great Giris target students identified as at risk based on attendance, grades and disciplinary issues. Seven sessions are offered twice a year focusing on personal growth, hygiene, budgeting money, etiquette, manners, teamwork, giving back and leadership.  Each participant is assigned a volunteer mentor (employees of the high school able to to provide guidance) who will work with the student through their high school careers.  Proven results have been reported, including, improvements in participants’ grades’, attitude and school attendance as well as having a more goal-oriented outlook on the future.

Odyssey of the Mind World Finals - Pam Hobbs - School Wide Program - $1,000.00
The foundation is happy to support the five teams representing the Lake Forest School District at the Odyssey of the Minds World Finals at Michigan State University. Attending the World Finals is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.  The experience, knowledge and friendships, our students will enjoy has a positive impact on them personally, intellectually and socially.  Mrs. Hobbs has received her grant since the teams had to  depart earlier this week for the competition.

Flexible Learning  Environment - Megan Hicks - Lake Forest North Elementary - $976.94
This grant will expand with the creation of a functional and comfortable work environment for students in Mrs. Hicks’s 2nd grade classroom. Funds will add “seating options” with the purchase of a large carpet and classroom stools of  varying heights for the students.  Flexible seating gives students the opportunity to choose a “smart seat” that is most productive for themselves.  In the two years Mrs. Hicks has been using flexible seating, she has seen a reduction in behavior issues and interruptions, allowing for a more positive work environment for the students.  She has also received positive feedback from both the students and parents. 

Our Students Love Sculpture - MaryAnn Quinn - Lake Forest East Elementary - $999.78
This school-wide program will build on the 1st year’s grant for students to continue to master sculpting skills.  The program teaches students how to work with their hands by creating three dimensional art forms.  They’ll learn how two dimensional artwork becomes a three dimensional sculpted art piece.  This is a fun way for all students to improve their manual dexterity, build self-esteem and confidence as well as develop an appreciate for art. 

 Mindfulness Courses & Curriculum - Sarah Huber - Lake Forest North Elementary - $675.00
This grant will provide funding for Mrs. Huber to complete two courses in a research-based mindfulness curriculum conducted by Mindful Schools, a nationally recognized program where students are taught how to maintain a “moment-by- moment awareness of their thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and surrounding environment with openness and curiosity”.  The program helps students strengthen their mental health and builds healthy social and emotional learners.  In Mrs. Huber’s grant application she stated that she is “building the foundations of not only academic skills but social and emotional skills too.” She went on to say, “ It is vital that we support the whole child and I believe that teaching mindfulness is a way to teach attention, empathy and self-regulation.”

 A footnote to this grant application:  The Foundation was so impressed with this program that we encourage its incorporation into district wide training.
2018 Teacher of the Year - Sara Bushey - $500.00

School Year 2017-2018 Grants

Travel Partner Education First - Celeste Landon - Lake Forest High School - $800.00
The grant will help to offset the cost of a 9-day trip for 25 students in grades 10, 11 and 12 to tour various historic and significant sites in England, Ireland and Wales.  Some highlights include; Westminster Abby, Windsor Castle, Shakespeare’s birthplace and the House of Parliament.  

Young Men of Quality - Nadine Henry - Lake Forest High School - $800.00
The grant will fund seven sessions on topics of personal growth, hygiene, budgeting money, etiquette, manners, teamwork, giving back and leadership.  The Men of Quality program is designed for male students identified as at-risk based on attendance, grades and disciplinary issues.  Candidates are referred by school officials and require permission from the parent (s).   Two sessions a year will be offered with 10 students per session participating. 

Annual Prism Concert - Christopher Patterson - Lake Forest High School - $400.00
The Prism Concert is a student led concert that allows students to experience performing in a small group, grow their time management skills and work with different students of varying musical abilities.  Students select a theme for the Prism Concert and are responsible for creating small ensembles, selecting music for their ensemble, rehearsing (outside of the normal band period) to prepare for the performance.  The grant will be used to purchase the music scores selected by the students.

The Seed After-School Program  - Dionne Patterson & Dr. Tanya Robinson - DECC - $800.00
The Seed program is designed to support STEM activities.  This pilot program includes growing a community garden, science and engineering opportunities and artistic outlets.  The grant will purchase the curricula and STEM material, supplies for a community garden, books and other supplies.    

Our Students Love Sculpture  - MaryAnn Quinn - Lake Forest East Elementary - $800.00
The project involves the 313 students at Lake Forest East Elementary School in a school-wide sculpture unit tailored to meet the skill level and capabilities at all four grade levels.  The grant will be used to purchase consumable (clay) and reusable tools.  Long term, students would build their sculpting skills as they move from kindergarten where they use a soft model clay, 1st grader would work with clay requiring more manual dexterity, 2nd and 3rd graders would use earthen clays which would be fired in East’s kiln.
Fitness Center Equipment - Richard Ford - WT Chipman - $765.96
The grant will replace some older fitness equipment for the exercise room at the middle school, some of which are over 15 years old.   The exercise room is used for the fitness program, the sport teams and after-school program and serves the 800 plus students enrolled at the school.   

 Teacher of the year   2017-2018 - Sarah Huber - $500.00

Fall 2016 Grants

Trip to Spain - Alena Knight - Lake Forest  High School - $800.00
The grant will help to off set the cost of the trip for the 27 students who will explore Spain for 8 days visiting Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Seville, Costa del Sol and Morocco.   Students in grades 9 through 12 will benefit from this lifetime opportunity.    

Record Studio - T Carr - Lake Forest High School - $415.00
Students in English courses and Academic Life Skills will practice their technology skills and demonstrate learned skills in a culminating poem.  Poems will be translated into a Spanish version with students in a Spanish Class.  Audio or video recordings will be made of the student’s desired medium (screencast, power point or MP3, YouTube, etc.). The grant will purchase a Green Screen set, speakers, signage and displays. 

Academic & Life Skills through Cooking - Michelle Kersey - Lake Forest High School - $500.00
This project provides a practical approach to teach life skills associated with dietary needs, including; grocery shopping, coupon clipping and redemption, interpreting recipe and preparing meals to students in the Academic and Life Skills classroom.  This hands-on approach with a practical application is an important factor in helping students retain the skills learned.  This project is designed for certificate track student at the high school.  The Community Foundation is happy to fund this program for a second year.      

Intensive Learning Center End of Year Trip - Jacqueline Fernandez - Lake Forest High School - $462.00
The field trip to Six Flags offers incentive and motivation for students to strive for academic success and appropriate behavior.  Students in the ILC program have few opportunities to participate in fun activities.  The field trip will be an enjoyable experience for students to practice various life skills in a social situation. 

Adjustable Stand-up Desks - Megan Smith - Lake Forest Central Elementary - $665.00
The grant will fund the purchase of 2 stand-up desks help students who have trouble sitting still at their desk.    Research by a number of experts support a more fidget-friendly mind-set and found that children actually need to move to focus during a complicated mental task like storing and processing information.  We’re excited that another classroom will have desks available for students.

Gentlemen’s Club - Pete Davis - Lake Forest Central Elementary - $800.00
The grant will fund a mentoring program that focuses on academic achievement, attendance and behavior.  The Gentlemen’s Club, founded in 1996 by Mr. Stephen Peters, is an effective intervention and personal empowerment program for at risk boys.   The program’s primary focus is to provide opportunities for male students to enhance self-esteem and self-image that in turn promotes the opportunity to succeed in all facets of life. 

Book Nook - Dionne Patterson - DE Early Childhood Center - $800.00
The grant will fund the purchase of books for the Book Nook Library with a focus on increasing social, emotional, competency and literacy readiness in the early childhood population from birth to five years at the DECC, including organizations from; ECAP, Parents as Teachers, Early Choices, First Start DE Child Care Partnership, Little Spartans and New Directions Early Head Start.

Fall 2014 Grants

Literacy in Mathematics – Scholastic Math - Judith Spencer - W.T. Chipman Middle School - $500.00

The grant will be used to purchase Scholastic Math Magazine – well-known and highly endorsed periodical.   Scholastic Math will provide the curiosity and motivation for students to read on their own while honing in on their math skills through cross-curricular articles about science, current events, teen issues, pop culture, sports and more.  Students will receive bonus points to track participation and completion of articles.  The initiative will meet the WT Chipman’s School Improvement Plan.


App-solutely iPad - Abby Dill - Lake Forest South Elementary - $353.00

With over 65 free educational applications available to download from Apple, the iPad will aid Kindergarten students in developing better reading, writing and math skills.  The device will be used in multiple ways in the classroom; as a tool to review literacy and mathematic skills, read aloud, tracing letters, learning new vocabulary and math games. Utilizing technology as an extra intervention tool to help tier 3 students to achieve academic success was also recognized and noteworthy.  The Project meets Goal 2 of South’s Improvement Plan to introduce the iPad in instructional practices to improve student learning.

Zoo-pendous Reading - Dave Hudson & Tiffany Miller - Lake Forest South Elementary - $490.44 + $497.04

Zoo-pendous Reading is a project that will aid Kindergarten students in developing better skills in reading, writing and spelling.   The program encompasses all aspects of language arts and will be used during whole group reading and as an intervention during small group language arts sessions.  The Zoo-phonics program is a fun energetic approach to focus and excite children when introducing and reviewing language arts standards.  The grant will provide funding for the Zoo-phonics kit, 5 in 1 language arts activity and Zoo Mini-Books Blackline Masters.

Multisensory Language Arts Program - Stephanie Kirsh Breeding - Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

The Zoo-Phonics Program provides a resource to aid in teach students learning the alphabet and phonics. Zoo-Phonics gives teachers and paraprofessionals another research-based tool to improve student achievement.  The committee awarded a grant for this program to a colleague who reported success especially with struggling students.  The grant will be used to purchase the Zoo-Phonics Kindergarten Kit and Hardest Worker Puppets.    

Stand-up Desks, Can’t Sit Still and Helping Students with Attention Deficits - Clara Conn, Kimberly Young, Donna Hagan, Stacey Zehr, Lina Miller, Rebecca VanSant , Robyn Linton - Lake Forest South Elementary - Total Grant Awarded – $3,000.00

The grant will fund the purchase of 6 stand-up desks and 10 bicycles help students with attention deficit disorders “fidgeting" behavior.  Research by a number of experts support a more fidgetfriendly mind-set and found that children actually need to move to focus during a complicated mental task like storing and processing information.  We commend the teachers, school nurse and administrative staff for embracing this new research to help students succeed in school. 

Fall 2013 Grants

Gettysburg Field Trip – Josh McDuff – Lake Forest High School - $500.00

This grant enabled students in the History Club at Lake Forest High School to expand their knowledge of history beyond the classroom.  The trip was the culmination of a variety of other activities including visiting and cleaning up local Civil War cemeteries and compiling information and data pertaining to the war and its impact on Delaware.

The Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha– Celeste Landon – Lake Forest High School - $500.00

After Spanish IV students at the high school had read and discussed the book and writing an analysis of their favorite character, grant funds made it possible for them to travel to see a live performance of an off-broadway production of the play in Wilmington.  Following the trip, they were able to compare their analysis of the character with the way it was interpreted on stage.

6th Grade Intramural Basketball League – Michael Wagner – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $500.00

Grant funds helped keep older youngsters not on the school basketball team actively engaged and playing the sport after aging out of the Little Spartans program.  The league accomplished that goal without the cost of a club team.

The Dystopian Society Literature Circle – Brent Carter – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $440.00

Grant funds allowed students in the Circle to read a series of books to engage their interest in literary arts by delving into fictional lives.

LeapFrog TAG Reading Program – Kimberly Young – Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

The TAG Reading System uses a pen-sized electronic instrument and a book to read text to children.  It makes for direct one-on-one instructions and comes with books, games and activities to help build reading and decoding skills, vocabulary, phonics and reading comprehension.  The grant funded the purchase of ten TAG readers.

Zoo-pendous Reading – Abby Dill – Lake Forest South Elementary - $492.00

Grant funds went to purchase the Zoo-phonics kit, 5 in 1 language arts activity and Zoo-Mini-Books Blackline Masters to help kindergarten students develop better skills in reading, writing and spelling.  The program is an energetic approach that helps focus and excite children that can be used in small or large group settings.


Hundreds Number Board Learning – Bobbie Stone – Lake Forest North Elementary - $229.90

Kindergarten students are required to know numbers – how to recognize them, count them and put them in order.  Hundreds Number Board Learning is a visual, touch resource that can be used by the whole class and will particularly benefit students with special needs.

iPad for Learning – Michelle Caulk – Lake Forest South Elementary - $499.00

The iPad will spark third grade students’ interest in learning and serve as a tool for this year and beyond, helping them build necessary skills.  Each student will get training on the iPad several times during the year.  It will also be used for after school student tutoring.

Let’s Grow Some Pumpkins – ECDC Team – Lake Forest North Elementary - $300.00

This project will reinforce the goals of teaching respect for living things and understanding how they grow and change over time.  It will allow pre-school students to plant and tend a small garden including a few early blooming plants and pumpkins.  Teachers will tend the plants during summer months; then students will return in the fall to care for the plants and see the full cycle of how they have grown and ripen.

Arithmetickles – Linda Miller – Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

The 50-minute interactive math game show assembly, Arithmetickles, will provide an entertaining way for students in kindergarten through third grade to learn math.  In addition, it will show them the relevance of math to the real world.

Lake Forest South’s On Track for Success, Character, Community Involvement – PBS Team – Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

Grant funds will help with initial start-up materials for an ongoing project involving the school, businesses and the community (including the Harrington Police and Parks & Recreation Departments) in providing positive behavior reinforcement to students.  Each student who visits a participating business or organization and displays a positive character trait will get a “Sparty Shout Out”, a paper die-cut Spartan head describing what he or she did.  As these awards are returned to school, the children will receive recognition over the morning announcements and get punches on train tickets to use for special PBS events.

Elliptical for Fitness Center – Carey Ford – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $499.00

Funds will help purchase and assemble a heavy duty elliptical trainer for the W.T Chipman fitness center.  The new equipment will be an upgrade to the used equipment in place for the past three years and should hold up over a longer period of time.  The elliptic trainer will be used by over 720 students.

LF North Fitness Club – Sara P. Bushey – Lake Forest North Elementary - $350.00

This grant will buy pedometers and pedometer award bracelets for the Fitness Club, a before and after school program.  Pedometers will be used by students in the morning walking club session.  Award bracelets will recognize goals determined by numbers of steps recorded.  The afternoon session will engage students in a variety of team sports.  The goal of the Fitness Club is to involve participating children in 60 minutes of physical activity each day to benefit health, reduce stress and improve self esteem.

Tablets in the Kindergarten Classroom – Kimberly Young – Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

A tablet and appropriate applications for math and reading instruction will be purchased to use in small group instruction, one-on-one instruction and data collection in the kindergarten classroom.  It will help engage students in learning, differentiated instruction and monitor student growth.

Fall 2011 Grants

Jazz/Blues Student Workshop – Joe Baione – Lake Forest High School and Lake Forest Central Elementary - $500.00

This project will bring in a professional jazz/blues musician to work with band students and then present a special assembly for the entire student body at LF Central Elementary.  This is part of Baione’s ongoing effort to enhance students’ knowledge of jazz and blues and to encourage them to participate in the arts.

We the People – Amy Reed – Lake Forest High School - $500.00

Over a period of months this project will involve ninth and tenth grade students in an intensive study of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Students will be divided into six units.  Each one will prepare three questions, a four-minute oral presentation and be ready for a six-minute question and answer period to be reviewed by a panel of judges at local, statewide and national levels. The program will educate and encourage young people to step up and be involved as citizens of a country governed by “…we, the people …”

On Track with iPad – Abby Dill – Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

Grant funds will be used to purchase an Apple iPad to be used by kindergarten students in developing better skills in reading, writing and math.  The iPad will be a reinforcement tool in small reading and math groups.  In addition, students who finish work early will be allowed to get on the iPad and review the skill just taught through one of the free applications available.  They will be able to hear a book read to them, improve writing skills by tracing letters, play math games and more.

Making a Difference by Creating An Environmental Habitat – Mary Ann Quinn – Lake Forest East Elementary - $497.46

The project will involve students, staff and the extended school community at East Elementary to transform an underused part of the school campus into an environmentally vibrant area that can be enjoyed by everyone.  Parent volunteers will construct arbors in friendly garden habitats to attract birds and butterflies.  Students will contribute artwork in the form of murals, bird feeders and bird houses to further enhance the area.  The project will inspire youth to become active in creating a positive change in the community and could possibly expand and grow over the years.

Multi-Cultural Event – Pamela Sheldon – Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

At the culmination of this project, students (and their parents and siblings) will take a whirlwind, one evening tour of the seven continents of the world.  In preparation for the evening, students in each grade will be assigned a continent and asked to contribute across a broad spectrum including art, music, science, social studies, physical education and technology.  Passports issued the evening of the event will let students visit continents by traveling from station to station and receive a free gift on the completion of their journey.

Book Publishing Opportunity – Kimberly Young – Lake Forest South Elementary - $458.85

This project will enable students to become published authors.  In this “Book Publishing Opportunity” program, each student will participate in the whole writing process – planning, developing, pre-writing, editing and conferencing as they work with their own stories.  Ultimately, each one will publish a bound, hard cover book as a keepsake to have forever and an encouragement to read and write.

Personal Hygiene at the Onset of Puberty – Robyn Linton – Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

This project will combine a lecture and demonstration with special activities to enhance the personal hygiene of third grade students.  During the program, students will learn about their own growth and development in a sage environment.  They will also receive small hygiene tool kits to take home with them.

We Are One/We Are Many – Pablo Reyes, Jr. – Lake Forest North Elementary - $500.00

This project will let second and third graders take an internet library journey as they look for information about their favorite civil rights leader(s) while learning how Power Point functions.  It will help them gain a better understanding of both present and past as they use the tools of today and the future.  The project will take two to three computer lab sessions and culminate in a change for statewide recognition and, possibly, an award.

2010 Grants

Motivational Classroom Library – Michael Boyd – Lake Forest High School - $300.00

The goal of this project is to boost students’ independent reading through the purchase of an up-to-date library of young adult themed books.  The students in these classes have already been assigned one hour of independent reading each week.  Books currently available to them in the classroom are old and out of date.  It is hoped that a library of appropriate books will spark excitement about reading for those who are struggling as well as for the strong readers.  As students rediscover the joy of reading and read more, the outcome should also promote progress at individual reading levels.

Trinidad/Lake Forest Steel Pan Exchange – Joe Baione – W.T. Chipman Middle School & Lake Forest High School - $500.00

This is the second year for a cultural exchange program between Lake Forest and Trinidad.  Students in the program experience an opportunity to learn about a totally different culture through discussion, actually playing and performing on instruments from that culture, working with a professional and, ultimately, visiting another country (Trinidad).  The first year provided a foundation for the program with W.T. Chipman students exposed to the steel pans, working with a professional musician from Trinidad and performing on the instruments at area events.  The program at W.T. Chipman will continue in the second year and expand with students at Lake Forest High School beginning the same foundation.  Eventually, it is hoped that Lake Forest students can visit Trinidad.

Delaware Children’s Museum:  Power of Me – Sarah Absher – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $315.00

Grant funds will enable special education students in the Delaware Alternative Portfolio Assessment to take a field trip to the Delaware Children’s Museum in Wilmington where they will participate in “The Power of Me”.  This is a series of active and interactive exhibits that lets kids test and explore their own capabilities, helping them understand how their bodies work and how to stay healthy.  The project is part of an ongoing classroom focus in which students learn about food groups, nutrition, diet and exercise. 

School House Rocks! – Michelle Caulk – Lake Forest School Elementary - $500.00

This project will enable all third graders at Lake Forest South Elementary to participate in a production of “School House Rocks!”  Learning the music and content and taking part in the rehearsals as well as the final performance will enhance language arts and build students’ confidence and oral skills.  The production will also be fun for participants and audience alike.  Grant funds will help cover the cost of the show kit and the license to perform.

Readers’ Theater – Kimberly Young – Lake Forest South Elementary - $390.00

This project aids third graders in developing reading fluency, speaking and listening skills and building confidence.  Through this program from Benchmark Education, students are asked to read material and then dramatize it in order to improve comprehension, build reading skills and gain background knowledge on a wide range of content.

Lights, CAMERA, Action! – Cindy Westhoff – Lake Forest North Elementary - $480.00

Funds for this project will allow North second graders access to six digital cameras.  Cameras will be used to photograph and record examples, models, lessons and observations, documentaries and other extended thinking activities.  Students will then be able to use the digital image to create a variety of presentations to show their understanding of a range of topics as well as provide teachable moments and discussions.

Making Reading Fun Through Technology – Heather Melvin – Lake Forest North Elementary - $500.00

Technology is an integral part of learning and the world today.  These funds will allow North first graders access to two Nook Color E-readers.  Students will be able to interact at different levels with the technology as well as be exposed to a wide variety of stories and vocabulary.  In addition to encouraging reading, this technology gives students a chance to interact and make reading extra fun.

Dolly’s Imagination Library – Marie Cunningham – Lake Forest School District - $500.00

The purpose of this program is to mail a brand new, age appropriate book each month to each registered child (five years old and younger) at no cost to the child or his/her family.  Imagination Library was founded by Dolly Parton in her home county in Tennessee in 1996.  The Lake Forest Imagination Library will be the first in Delaware.  The program’s goal is to have every child in the District enter school with an age appropriate vocabulary, developed visual and auditory modalities, a library card and a love for books.

Tune In To Reading – Ryan Curl – Lake Forest South Elementary - $250.00

With all of life’s distractions, we need a relevant, poignant, vivacious literature to have students “tune in” to reading.  The grant will support South first graders by providing interesting, on level and above level trade books.  These books will pique students’ curiosity as well as enhance the skills needed for academic success.

The Reading Challenge – Clara Conn – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $400.00

This project allows students the opportunity to read independently and receive rewards for the amount of time they read.  At the beginning of the project, each student will set a goal of how many minutes per week they will read.  Students who reach their goals will receive a prize from the Reading Challenge Treasure Box.  The goal for this project is to raise test scores a well as foster a love of reading.

2009 Grants

LF Central Flip Video Camcorders – Danna Carter – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $500.00

The goal of this project is to teach students in the 5th Grade Computer Lab how to care for and use a flip video camcorder.  In the process of developing a commercial promoting internet safety, students will receive “hands-on instruction” in the use of the camcorder.  They will also develop and enhance their graphics and presentation skills as well as their cooperative learning skills as they work together in a group.  320 students will be involved in the project.  Grant funds will help purchase the Flip Video Camcorders.

Seussical Musical – Michelle Caulk – Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

This project will involve 150 third graders in a Seussical Musical Performance based on Dr. Seuss stories covering such important issues as parenting, friendship and being true to oneself.  The show, which will support and enhance Language Arts, will be performed for each grade level and for parents and others during an evening presentation.  Funds will cover the cost of the Show Kit as well as the license to perform.

Rockin’ Jake New Orleans Workshop – Joe Baione – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $500.00

This project will bring New Orleans based musician Rockin’ Jake to Lake Forest Central Elementary to teach students about the harmonica, living in New Orleans and the musical styles – blues, zydeco, swamp fund and others – that have influenced him.  The students will perform a “New Orleans” song with him and will write an essay about their experience.

Advance Reading Skills Through Enhanced Materials – John Crockett – Lake Forest High School - $500.00

Money provided for this project will purchase a variety of high-interest, low-readability materials for use in the Curriculum Support Class which involves 50 to 75 students and focuses on reading, writing and math skills.  The materials selected will be ones of interest to high school age students that are also more understandable to those of low reading ability.  The goal is to increase reading ability and boost students’ enjoyment of reading and confidence in their reading abilities.  After a year of use in the classroom, the material will be added to the High School library.

Success Through the Arts – Mary Ann Quinn – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $497.00

The goal for this project is to engage Alternative Classroom students through opening the world of art to them.  With many of the students showing an interest in an aptitude for art, it is anticipated that the students who participate will see options for a positive direction in life.  Grant money will purchase instructional and art materials and an art related game.

Literacy Bags – Chris Barrett – Lake Forest East Elementary - $435.00

This project entails the creation of literacy bags containing books, related activities and journals for kindergarten students to take home for a week at a time.  Parents will read the books to their children and they will work on related activities together.  In the journals, the parents and children will write about the experience.  The purpose of the literacy bags is to increase parental involvement in literacy skills with their children.  Grant funds will purchase bags and materials.

STEP-UP: Saturday Teachers Empowering Students to Utilize Their Potential – John Crockett – Lake Forest High School - $400.00

This project will enlist teachers in the social and academic mentoring of several of the neediest special education students.  Teachers will provide motivating experiences, positive school interactions and academic coaching.  The goal is improvement in all area of the students’ school life including attitude, attendance and academic performance.  Grant funds will help pay for extra curriculum experiences and outings, school supplies and an end-of-year event.

Trinidad/LF Exchange Program – Joe Baione – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $250.00

The mission of this project is to educate and support young area musicians in the Lake Forest School District and at Queens Royal College and other institutions cross Trinidad through an exchange program over three years.  Joe Baione has already taught four workshops for young Trinidad musicians.  The next step in 2010 would be for a Trinidad educator/performer to visit Lake Forest and teach students in the band/music program.  A longer term possibility would be the opportunity for a few LF students along with an administrator and parents to travel to Trinidad to experience the culture and music.  Likewise, students from Trinidad would come to Lake Forest.  Grant funds would be a contribution toward the cost of this program.

EnrichingVisual Perception and Sculptural Abilities – Mary Ann Quinn – Lake Forest East Elementary - $250.00

This project would enrich students’ lives with knowledge about the worlds’ great artists and to pair this knowledge with hands-on sculptural experience as they build their own three dimensional art.  Students will also play art games based on the information learned.  In the process, students’ ability to problem solve would be enhanced and their vocabulary enriched.  Grant funds would help purchase instructional, art materials and games.

The Day at the Theatre – Sara Absher and Linda Aspinwall – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $227.00

This project would involve taking seventeen or more students to a performance of “The Nutcracker” at the Schwartz Center for the Arts and then to a restaurant for a formal dining experience.  The day would introduce students to classics (dance and music) along with various forms of storytelling, give them a better understanding of the performing arts and teach valuable life skills such as appropriate behavior during performances and meals.  Grant funds would pay for tickets to the performance and bus transportation.

Naming the Cafeteria – Michelle Schlimer and Judy Hudson – Lake Forest South Elementary - $100.00

This project would assist with painting a mural of a train filled with nutritious food on the wall of the cafeteria.   The aim would be to give students a colorful environment in the cafeteria and encourage them to make healthy food choices.  Grant funds would pay for painting supplies.

2008 Grants

Project Outreach – Linda Tjaden & Cynthia Wootten – Lake Forest High School - $290.00

The goal of this project is to build character and respect within and between students by exposing them to character development and academic achievement in a classroom setting.  Funds will help purchase materials including DVDs and bookmarks to be used in the classroom and at Parent Night presentations.

STEP UP! – John Crockett – Lake Forest High School - $200.00

STEP UP! (Saturday Teachers Empowering Pupils to Utilize Their Potential) is designed to provide opportunities for students whose families cannot afford enrichment experiences such as travel, special events, cultural and uplifting programs.  Teachers will be recruited to mentor the students and special events will be planned throughout the year.

Test Taking – John Crockett – Lake Forest High School - $350.00

Test Taking: Not Just An Academic Skill Anymore! is designed to bring relevance and motivation into the tenth grade test preparation course that focuses on core math skills, reading comprehension levels and test taking strategies for students who scored a 1 or 2 on the last DSTP.  Funds will help bring in guest speakers from a variety of job markets to illustrate the need for good test taking skills and how those skills can lead to job opportunities, promotions and success in school and in life.  Funds will also provide rewards for continued progress.

Computers for Preschool – Tammy Dodd – Delaware Early Childhood Center - $500.00

Two classroom desktop computers will be purchased to be used by children both independently and with teacher support.  The students will learn to use the computers and software, and in the process, will increase interest in and develop cognitive skills in language, math and pre-reading (phonics).

Hands-On Learning – Diane Fleming – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $500.00

This project will involve Level IV Special Education students who have been identified as severally academically impaired in hands-on learning activities.  The activities will include collaborative projects with LFHS students in vocational areas, field trips to museums, culture events and ventures out into the community.

ILC Culinary Project – Mary Anne Vogel – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $280.00

Funds for this project will be used to purchase a convection oven to use in the “Cooking to Learn” program for special education students.  The program uses the motivation of cooking to reinforce reading, writing, comprehension, sequencing, vocabulary skills and to emphasize problem solving.

First Grade Literature Circles – Kristin Smith – Lake Forest East Elementary - $350.00

Literature Circles will serve to accelerate middle and higher level readers and promote fluency, comprehension and the love of reading.  The Circles would be conducted with the help of parent volunteers and with the use of various kinds of literature appropriate for first graders.  Funds would be used to purchase multiple copies of the books for use by the students.

Raising Reading Success – Debbie Ridgely – Lake Forest South Elementary - $200.00

Raising Reading Success will add materials to the resource room that is being established at Lake Forest South.  The room will offer professional books, books and tapes, intervention materials, big books, books for literature circles, games and activities that teachers may borrow to enhance and build reading skills in the classroom.

2007 Grants

Lake Forest Close Up – Amy Reed – Lake Forest High School - $350.00

This program enhances the government/economics program in the Social Studies Department.  Ten to fifteen students spend a week in Washington D.C. studying government close up and personal.

Lake Forest Honors Program – Michael Boyd – Lake Forest High School - $350.00

This program provides social opportunities such as field trips as well as other bonuses for students taking honors classes.  It is aimed at increasing the number of students participating in the Honors Program.

Social Studies All Stars – Amy Reed – Lake Forest High School - $200.00

This program supports the Social Studies Department’s work to improve DSTP scores and close the achievement gap.

Six Flags – Physics Day – Craig Trefney – Lake Forest High School - $250.00

This program will enable eleventh and twelfth grade students in the high school Special Education Department to travel to Physics Day, an organized event sponsored by Six Flags – Great Adventure New Jersey.

Speed Stacking – Jill Stevens – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $250.00

This program helps students improve eye/hand coordination and increase bilateral efficiency.  Its ultimate goal is improving read and math skills and building self-esteem.

W.T. Chipman Ag Eco Team – Yolanda Messick – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $500.00

This project will support Delaware Science Standards 5 (Earths Dynamic Systems), 6 (Life Processes), 7 (Diversity & Continuity of Living Things) and 8 (Ecology).  Its purpose is establishing an Agricultural/Environmental Youth Group at Chipman that will provide awareness of the agricultural, environmental and recreational opportunities found within local watersheds.

Lake Forest Central C.H.A.R.M.S. – Zabrina Gibbs – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $350.00

This after-school program, which will involve thirty to forty students, is designed for character building.  Indirectly, students will also be benefited academically and socially.  Each afternoon will begin with a “building character” topic and students will also be required to find an academic area of focus for the month.

Celebrating Diversity – Mary Ann Quinn – Lake Forest East Elementary - $500.00

This program will allow students in the Art Department to take a “virtual tour” of several world cultures.  It will help students understand that people have diverse customs but hold human values in common.  It will enhance their respect for diversity, increase their understanding of cultural differences, help them realize that each person has value and enable them to identify artwork typical of specific cultures.  This is a Partnership Grant made possible by the Centennial Rotary Club of Harrington, Greenwood and Felton.

Learning Through Animation – Lina Miller – Lake Forest South Elementary - $235.00

This program will provide Brainpop and Brainpop Jr. educational movies that include quizzes, games, vocabulary and activities for elementary students.  Resources for teachers are also provided.  The program will enhance all subject areas including reading, writing, math, social studies and science.

Art & Literature of Japan – Julieann Giannone – Lake Forest South Elementary - $120.00

This program will provide an “Art in History” kit for students who will learn about the history of each pierce of pottery and then be able to create artwork as a part of a multi-disciplinary unit on Japan.  Social studies, the arts, reading and English language arts will be enhanced.

2006 Grants

Center Activities to Build Confidence – Michelle Hamilton – Lake Forest North Elementary - $387.00

This is a project which will boost first graders’ reading fluency.

Leap Into Learning – Deborah Ridgely – Lake Forest South Elementary - $500.00

This is a project to support the K-2 reading program by enhancing phonics and building word skills.

Jazz Clinic/Concert – Joe Baione – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $500.00

This is the third year of funding for the clinic/concert which will be held in the spring.  This project is partially funded by the Harrington-Greenwood-Felton Rotary Club.

Project Adventure – Linda Tjaden – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $351.00

This is a classroom activity designed to build confidence and teamwork.

Special Olympics – Patricia Daughenbaugh – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $275.00

The grant will help fund field trips to competitive events.

Futures in Medicine – Susanne Pierson – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $200.00

This grant will assist with transportation to visit a variety of medical professionals in their work setting.

The Mathematic of Photography – Steve Vansant – Lake Forest High School - $500.00

This project is designed to enable students to take photographs, enter them into a computer and use interactive software to evaluate them geometrically.

Social Studies All Stars – Amy Reed – Lake Forest High School - $200.00

This grant will be used to create a Wall of Fame that will encourage students to increase their Social Studies DSTP scores.

Scuba Diving Field Trip – Aerin Donovan – Lake Forest High School - $500.00

This grant will help pay for a field trip to enable students to complete their national Open Water Diver certifications.

Light Us Up II – Denise Baker – Lake Forest High School - $273.00

The grant will make possible the purchase of an additional spotlight for high school drama productions.

2005 Grants

Pact II – Diane Fleming – Lake Forest North Elementary - $500.00

A reading program that encourages parents to read to their children and to play learning games with them at home.  The program which furnished materials for use in school and at home, is merged into the school curriculum.  The project includes a parent workshop.  Funds this year will help purchase a video camera and tapes to record children engaged in classroom activities.  The tapes can be taken home to reinforce learning and to help parents work effectively with their children.

Jazz Clinic and Festival – Joe Baione – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $425.00

The program will bring in noted jazz musicians to interact with the school’s sixth grade band members during a week of clinics culminating in a performance at the Schwartz Center in Dover.  This is the fourth year for this project.  The Clinic and Festival are also supported by an MBNA grant.

Literacy Link – Anita Hart – Lake Forest North Elementary - $500.00

The program brings in visiting authors to work with children and provides each one a book to take home.  During the evening, children present Reader’s Theater and have projects on display.  There are also hands-on activities for students and their siblings plus entertainment including a magician.

Little Spartan Basketball – Mike Wagner & Stephanie Scott – Lake Forest Elementary Schools - $500.00

This program is available to all elementary students in the district as a supplement to the physical education program.  This is a learn and play basketball program to be held on Saturdays.   Grant money will help provide scholarships for children who cannot afford the $30 fee to participate.

Math Challenge – Zabrina Gibbs & Jamila Riser – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $200.00

This is an after-school program for fifth and sixth graders.  It will enhance the regular math curriculum by challenging students to solve math programs together.  They will play math games, solve logic problems and deepen their understanding of math concepts in a creative and supportive environment.  The program is designed to instill a passion for math. 

Franklin Institute Science Museum’s Traveling Show “The Human Body” – Cheryl Schlitt & Anita Pariseau – Lake Forest North Elementary - $475.00

The show, which enhances the science curriculum, takes kids on a “wild journey” through the human body.  This program is for third grade students.

Naturalist at Killens Pond State Park – Adalee Flaherty – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $400.00

Students will spend time with a naturalist exploring Killens Pond State Park.  The program will reinforce their science curriculum with observation and experiments.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Conference – Pam Willis – W.T. Chipman Middle School - $500.00

This grant will send two students to the annual conference.  Students will attend dynamic workshops, complete journals of the experience; make oral and visual presentations to other students when they return.   FCCLA is integrated into the Delaware Family and Consumer Science state education standards.

2004 Grants

Readers Theatre – Sherri Appel & Michelle Caulk – Lake Forest South Elementary - $489.50

The program consists of multi-level scripts which encourage role play and daily practice to improve oral reading fluency.

Special Olympics Team – Adalee Flaherty – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $350.00

This grant will establish a Special Olympics Team.  Ten students will compete in two rounds of competition in basketball and soccer during the 2004-05 school year.  The program will support life skills while building a foundation of confidence and independence.

Jazz Clinic – Joe Baione – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $500.00

The program will bring a renowned musician to the school to work with students.

Help Me, I Can’t Afford An Instrument – Joe Baione – Lake Forest Central Elementary - $385.50

The funds for this program will go into a fund that will be designated to purchase used instruments for students who cannot afford their own.

Parent and Child Time – Diane Fleming – Lake Forest North Elementary - $500.00

This is a reading program which engages both parent and child in literacy activities.

Listening Center – Carla Lewis – Lake Forest North Elementary - $500.00

This will be an area designed for listening to taped stories which tracking text.

Laptop for Library – Pat Farley – Lake Forest High School - $500.00

The grant purchased a laptop computer that will support an Interactive Whiteboard and Projector System.